Thermal camera reporting software is 'quickest and easiest'

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Flir Systems says its new ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 Professional software is highly stable, easy to use, packed with functionality and provides better integration with Windows Vista than any other software programme of its type on the market. ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 Professional is claimed to be the quickest and easiest method of creating professional inspection reports that clearly communicate the critical details needed to make cost-effective decisions.

Flir Systems is one of only a limited number of companies on the Beta Development Team for Office 2007. As a result, ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 is forwardly compatible with this latest generation of software. It naturally and fully integrates Word, enabling features such as spell-check, font selection etc, to be used. It even allows live analysis with Word, incorporation of SEQ or AVI bursts into the document, and for images and text to be edited and manipulated in Outlook.

Embedded in the system is an automatic check for software updates and it provides the user with direct access to the Flir Systems' Customer Support Centre via the desktop.

Infrared image analysis

ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 consigns to history the time-consuming, manual tasks associated with IR reporting. Powerful and intuitive infrared image analysis and report generation tools are provided for convenient evaluation of infrared inspection results.

This latest generation reporting software introduces two brand new and powerful features: trending and SuperView. Trending allows thermal performance to be tracked over time so that temperature patterns can be predicted and corrective action planned. The SuperView feature enables infrared and visual digital images to be blended into a single image with a user-controllable degree of overlay. This allows thermal interpretation of where the faults lie and concurrent analysis.

A Report Wizard guides the user step-by-step through the process of adding images and text, ensuring the job of report creation is both easy and quick. It automatically combines all IR inspection data – thermal and visual images, temperature measurements and text notes – into a crisp and professional maintenance report. If need be, an incomplete report can be saved for finishing later.

The Rapid Report Manager allows the creation of desktop icons based on predefined report templates so that image files can be dragged and dropped into the report.

Functionality and value

To maximise the value of reports, ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 PRO includes numerous advanced features such as digital zoom, colour palette changes and automatic conversion of any report into Adobe PDF format. It allows the user to replay recorded voice comments in line with other field information, and complex formula calculations are now performed automatically. A one-click delta-T function is included, as is a feature that enables a report summary to be created in an instant.

More advanced analysis is accessible via new histogram and line profile graph features by right-clicking the mouse. ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1 even allows sequence files created by older generations of Flir Systems' infrared cameras to be played back in the report. Time-saving tools such as this ensure powerful report generation that is easy, flexible and quick – leading Flir Systems to claim that no other software programme can match the cost-effectiveness of ThermaCAM Reporter 8.1.

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