Advanced free software boost for Parker’s general purpose VSDs

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Advanced free software boost for Parker’s general purpose VSDsParker Hannifin is offering advanced software for its AC10 range of compact variable speed drives (VSDs). The company’s DSE Lite is more advanced than other software offered for comparable VSDs used in general purpose industrial motor control applications. Furthermore, not only does it offer comprehensive yet user-friendly programming capabilities, but is available to download free of charge with every AC10 purchase.

The AC10 compact VSD from Parker is a simple, proven and economical option for everyday motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.2 to 180kW for IP20 and 0.4 to 90kW for IP66. Typical uses range from pumps, fans, conveyors, centrifuges, mixers, machine tool spindles and roller doors, through to packaging, textile, strapping, labelling and industrial washing machines.

Across the industry, commonly available software packages associated with VSDs for such applications are typically relatively basic. DSE Lite is a more complete package and combines impressive functionality with ease-of-use through an intuitive, graphical user interface (GUI) and straightforward block programming.

To provide an example of its capability, DSE Lite allows customers to create, parameterise and configure user-defined applications, as well as parameterise and connect fixed motor control blocks. It also offers real-time monitoring and charting, while further features are designed to reduce the time and effort required to install, set-up and commission the drive via the integrated keypad.

AC10 VSDs with updated firmware now offer application templates across the complete range and AC650V-compatible function blocks that include PID, raise/lower and logic/value parameters. Enhanced sequencing logic, improved motor control at low speed and help files for every function are among further upgrades.

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