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RS Components is now offering the complete Omron Panel Solution portfolio. As part of this portfolio, the new ‘Value Design for Panel’ project involves over 350 products, with more than 200 of them being new products with upgraded features that bring a commonality of design and modular approach to control panel design and installation.

All the products within the new Panel Solution have been re-designed to a smaller size, allowing users to save up to 50 per cent of the original required space for the same panel. The modules have also been designed to the same height, which helps with cabinet airflow to give the maximum cooling effect. Closer side-by-side mounting is also possible due to reduced power consumption (therefore generating less heat) for each model, at an ambient temperature of 55degC.

Time and money are addressed through the deployment of the Omron-exclusive Push-In Plus terminal technology, which can save up to 60 per cent in terms of wiring time. This wiring system is vibration proof and doesn’t need to be re-tightened like terminals that use screws. Terminal block cable entries, independently developed with Push-In Plus technology, are all forward facing for easy wire insertion.

Primarily aimed at machine and panel builders – for both conceptual R&D designs and actual real-world applications – the ease at which the products can be deployed also offers maintenance engineers a more powerful and efficient option when replacing or enhancing legacy devices. Indeed, devices with unified specifications allow users to much more easily exchange modules, customising panels for each customer.

The design approach deployed by Omron in its innovative Value Design for Panel concept is set to create a major milestone in control panel development. With similar sizes and easy application, designers and engineers will be faced with fewer variables in terms of size, spacing and heat dissipation and less complicated build sequences. This really is the definition of ‘design for manufacture’.

Innovations in panel design normally apply to single products or procedures, so when one company introduces a complete range that caters for the exact needs of engineers and designers this represents a different approach. This new range is set to redefine the way panels are both designed and installed, without sacrificing any performance capabilities.

The full Value Design for Panel portfolio is available on a dedicated landing page on the RS website, and a number of articles detailing the advantages and capabilities of the Omron range can be found on the RS DesignSpark website.

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