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Digilent’s Digital Discovery module now at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the Digital Discovery module from Digilent. This pocket-sized, high-performance device combines a logic analyser and built-in pattern generator in a single instrument. The Digital Discovery provides designers a suite of advanced features to debug, visualise and simulate digital signals for a broad array of embedded projects. The small form factor of this module facilitates easy storage, and its robust exterior design helps it to withstand a variety of environments.

The Digilent Digital Discovery evaluates the Xilinx XC6SLX25-2 FPGA. In addition to the 16-channel pattern generator and 32-channel digital logic analyser, the module includes a protocol analyser for reading and writing SPI, UART and I2C and virtual I/O for debugging projects. The module offers the flexibility to customise design specifications to a specific project, enabling designers to choose 200MS/s with up to 32 inputs or – using the Digilent Digital Discover High Speed Adapter – 400MS/s with up to 16 inputs, or 800MS/s with up to 8 inputs.

Designers can connect digital inputs and outputs to the module using simple wire probes or breadboard wires, and the unit provides output LVCMOS voltage levels from 1.2V to 3.3V. For more advanced projects, designers can also run inputs and outputs incorporating the High Speed Adapter with impedance-matched probes.

Designed to optimise channels, speed and portability, the Digital Discovery is suitable for engineers and designers beginning to work in embedded development. Designers can connect the module to a Mac, Linux or Windows platform using high-speed USB, and comes with free Waveforms 2015 application software.

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