New generation of low-noise energy chains from igus

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New generation of low-noise energy chains from igusFor applications where an extremely low-noise energy chain, with very high dynamics or very low abrasion, is required, igus has developed the E6.1 series. Suitable for applications with speeds of up to 20m/s, these chains are now available in new sizes with larger inner heights of up to 62mm.

As with its predecessor, the E6 series, instead of the conventional pin/bore connection, the E6.1 series features elastic polymer spring elements to connect the links. The very small pitch and contour of the chain links ensure that the polygon effect is minimised and the chain rolls very smoothly. In addition, thanks to a narrower design compared to the E6 series, the E6.1 saves roughly 30 per cent installation width for the same inner dimensions.

Justin Leonard, the-chain director, igus says: “Further advantages of this design principle are very quiet and extremely low-vibration operation, generating just 32 dB(A) at 1m/s in noise testing in the igus lab. This makes the E6.1 series ideal for use in stage technology or in TV studios, where noise must be kept to a minimum, as well as clean room applications.”

The E6.1 series is available in four different dimensions, from 29mm up to 62mm in height. For all installation sizes, the crossbars can be removed along the inner and outer radii, which means that when the chain is already installed in the machine, additional cables or hoses can be drawn in easily. Almost all the crossbars are also equipped with a grid marking, which enables exact positioning of the separators. The smooth and tangle-free interior ensures a very long service life for the guided cables and hoses.

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