Drives cope with water jets - and freezing in ice

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Drives cope with water jets - and freezing in iceTo illustrate the point about how tough the new IP65 Lenze SMV AC vector drive is, Lenze-AC Tech International had a 0.75Kw unit frozen in ice before demonstrating its working abilities. The drive remained fully functioning at the launch, running demonstrations while encased in ice throughout the two-day international sales and technical conference held in the UK.

The SMV drive is part of a family of easy-to-use and easy-to-apply general purpose drives products distributed and supported by Lenze-AC Tech International, part of the Lenze Group. Although the publicity stunt proved that it will work frozen in ice, the drive is intended for use in outdoor or washdown conditions where moisture is present - such as food processing and HVAC applications.

Most inverter drives are designed with vents in the case to aid cooling, and they employ external displays and controls that are only resistant to occasional splashes by neutral liquids. However, the SMV is designed to resist water ingress from direct (low-pressure) water jets. With a sealed integral heat sink, a compact IGBT and built-in overload protection, the SMV is also able to stay cool.

The SMV vector drive delivers fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto-tuning and impressive low-speed operation from a compact, low-cost and simple-to-use package. The SMV range is designed specifically for use in small motor applications where dynamic speed and torque control are required, such as conveyors, food production, packaging lines and HVAC systems. Sensorless vector control can be achieved with a drive that is extremely easy to commission and operate.

You can read more about the SMV IP65 sensorless vector drives on or visit the Lenze website for further details about the IP65 SMV inverter.

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