CANopen and absolute encoder options for digital servo drives

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Inmoco's leading-edge SimplIQ and ExtraIQ digital servo drives, and SimplIQ Multi-Axis Supervisor are all offering OEMs increased functionality following the launch of improved SimplIQ core technology. The uprated SimplIQ firmware supports two new absolute encoder feedback options, an encoder via CAN mode, and on-the-fly drive temperature indication to analyse the drive's thermal operating zone.

SimplIQ technology has been developed by Elmo Motion Control to deliver fast and powerful implementation of sophisticated motion control systems. It combines advanced motion control with real-time networking capabilities, and delivers a wealth of feedback options, programming capabilities and standard communication protocol support.

The new feedback options further improve the functionality of Elmo's SimplIQ-based products. They include: an absolute encoder, with serial communication for the absolute position, and sin–cos analogue signals for high resolution; and a Fine and Coarse absolute encoder with two pairs of analogue signals - sin–cos for the absolute position (coarse) and additional sin-cos signals for the high resolution (fine).

Encoder inputs

SimplIQ firmware supports absolute single- and multi-turn rotary and linear position sensors from Heidenhain (Endat 2.1 format) and Stegmann (Hiperface format). The absolute position is initially found when the drive is powered up and is communicated through the serial communication interface using the adequate position formats. The high resolution is derived from interpolation of the sin–cos function.

Further extending the range of encoder feedback options available with SimplIQ is an optional encoder via CANOpen mode. This enables Elmo drives to connect to DSP406 CANOpen encoders as the auxiliary feedback. It is suitable for follower, master/slave and ECAM applications where there is no need to wire the master encoder to all other drives. The master's encoder position is simply transmitted via the CANOpen communication.

In addition to improving OEM application flexibility, the SimplIQ firmware also aids system transparency and reliability. It includes 'on-the–fly' drive temperature indication to analyse the drive's thermal operating zone. This feature can be used for thermal characterising during the development stage or during the operation of the machine.

About SimplIQ

Elmo Motion Control Products' SimplIQ products are integrated in robots, semiconductor production equipment, avionics, machine tools, packaging equipment, textile equipment, medical equipment, and anywhere highly precise and reliable equipment is necessary.

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