Metal docking frame suits 'blind' and automated connector mating

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Metal docking frame suits 'blind' and automated connector matingHarting is introducing the Han-Modular Docking Frame Metal, a robust connector for speeding the installation of systems that have to be mated 'blind' or coupled automatically such as in switch cabinet drawers.

The new docking frame enables machine components to be switched quickly and securely, providing a cost-effective technique for incorporating slide-in modules in low-voltage switching systems or energy storage units along, with signals, power and data.

Harting says the frame works as a receptacle for units in the company's Han-Modular family of industrial connectors, in which different modules for the transfer of power, signal and data or compressed air can be located side-by-side. With over 100 different modules, the Harting modular connector range offers almost endless flexibility and connection options.

The docking frame works without the need for any additional articulated frames, and connector modules can be fitted directly to it, which saves time and cost. The frame has two long leading guide pins on the pin side to bring the two connector faces together.

Connectors are located in a 'floating' mount with a +/-2mm tolerance, so the socket face can be oriented to the ideal position for greater accuracy and a more secure connection. Because grounding is separate in many insertion scenarios, the docking frame has no PE contact, but grounding can be added as required with a Han PE module that can be obtained separately.

The Han-Modular Docking Connector Metal can be connected either manually (directly or indirectly) or automatically. The construction of the device is particularly robust and mechanically stable to make it secure enough for all applications.

Follow the link to download a datasheet (PDF) for the Han-Modular Docking Frame Metal from Harting.

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