Amphenol ZnNi Circular Mil-Spec Metal Connectors at Mouser

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Amphenol ZnNi Circular Mil-Spec Metal Connectors at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking Amphe-Lite gray zinc nickel (ZnNi) metal connectors from Amphenol Industrial. Part of the Amphe-Lite commercial subminiature connector series, these RoHS-compliant connectors feature zinc-over-electroless-nickel shell plating to withstand harsh environments.

Amphenol Amphe-Lite gray ZnNi metal connectors are fully scoop proof with high-density contact arrangements designed to obtain metal-to-metal coupling for superior EMI shielding capability. The connectors provide self-locking, quick-disconnect threaded coupling, as well as locksmith keying with five keyway polarisation.

The connectors feature corrosion-resistant plating that is rated for 500 hours of salt spray and is compatible with other standard plating options. Further, moisture resistance through an improved interfacial seal design prevents electrolytic erosion of contacts. Gray ZnNi connectors meet MIL-DTL-38999 type III specifications to offer a temperature range of minus 65 degrees to +200 degrees Celsius.

The Gray ZnNi metal connectors are now available in a variety of configurations, mounting styles, and inserts and are suitable for – but not limited to – electric vehicle, industrial, and power generation applications.

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