USB modules achieve high-speed data acquisition

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Measurement Computing Corporation is releasing two high-speed additions to its growing USB product line: the USB-1608HS and the USB-1608HS-2AO. These new USB-based modules provide true simultaneous data capture of up to eight channels of 16-bit single-ended or differential analogue input at 250kHz per channel.

Both the USB-1608HS and 1608HS-2AO include 16 bits of digital I/O and an extensive suite of software. The USB-1608HS-2AO has an additional two channels of 16-bit analogue output with a range of -10 to +10V; these can be configured with a remote sensing option to compensate for voltage drop errors that may occur at the field device.

Both units use a separate A/D converter for each channel, and each device is capable of acquiring data in either a software-paced or continuous-scan mode. Differential inputs offer increased accuracy by reducing measurement errors caused by ground loops and noise - errors that are often seen with single-ended measurements. There is also an analogue trigger function that lets users start and control analogue inputs based on the value of a digital or analogue signal.

A synchronization input line provides an external sampling clock for the analogue inputs, while a synchronisation output line enables synchronisation with other devices in the system.

Accurate high-speed measurements

Suitable for those who require eight fully simultaneous analogue inputs along with high-throughput, differential inputs and analogue outputs, the USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS/AO will find many applications in any field where accurate high-speed measurements are required.

The USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS-2AO ship with an impressive array of software, including a virtual instruments application, an installation, calibration and test utility, drivers, and libraries that meet the needs of programmers and non-programmers alike. They are also compatible with DASYLab, Measurement Studio MCC Edition and other third-party data acquisition (DAQ) application software.

MCC's entire USB data acquisition family is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, and is supported by the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

The complete range of Measurement Computing hardware and software for measurement data acquisition is supplied and supported in the UK by Adept Scientific.

26 July 2007

Adept Scientific (Alfasoft Ltd)visit website
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