Model 820 Shallow Water tiltmeter

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ETLG Inertial Aerosystems is announcing the model 820 Shallow Water, a high-precision submersible tiltmeter for use in shallow fresh and salt water applications.

Using an absolute gravity referenced electrolytic sensor, the 820 delivers superior measurement accuracy with virtually no long-term drift. High-gain units are sensitive to <0.0017mm/m or better. Output options include analogue (+/-5V DC, +/-10V DC), current (4–20mA) and digital (RS232 and RS422). All units rugged and are rated to 50m waterproof for advanced protection from the elements.

Use the 820 “Shallow Water” for structural monitoring, angle measurement and control, platform levelling and more. Typical applications are with dams, sluice gates, flood control, underwater excavations and embankment monitoring.

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09 August 2017

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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