Firstsight Vision introduces high-intensity white LED range

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Firstsight Vision is now offering new high-intensity SW2 series RoHS-compliant white LEDs from CCS Inc, with up to eight times higher intensity compared to standard white LEDs. These new LEDs are competitively priced, giving an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The new SW2 series offers both front- and back-lighting and are available in seven configurations with 36 different models for use in a host of applications - including colour imaging.

Variants include ring lights, bar systems and flat panels. They can be used to replace high-intensity fluorescent or halogen lights or to replace existing white LEDs where higher intensity is required.

The SW2 series can be operated in two modes. Using the standard power supply, an intensity increase of up to two times compared to conventional sources can be achieved. However the SW2 series can also be used in conjunction with a PTU2 pulsed power supply. In this mode, intensity increases of up to four times compared to the basic SW2 (up to eight times compared to standard white LEDs) operation are possible.

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