Separator system from igus speeds up e-chain harnessing

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Separator system from igus speeds up e-chain harnessingDeveloped to combine the advantages of the E2/000 and E4.1 in one product range, the E4.1L energy chain system was developed specifically to save assembly time. In comparison with standard interior separation, the E4.1L ‘lean’ features interior clip in slotted separators that provide up to an 80 per cent assembly time saving.

The E4.1L system is an energy chain suitable for protecting and guiding moving cables and hoses on applications of all kinds, where there must be an optimum relationship between technical requirements and economic efficiency. This innovative design of these lean separators enables layer-by-layer insertion of shelves and cables, and the savings are increased again by using the new lean honeycomb strain relief.

The E4.1L lean crossbars are openable from the top or either side, making the replacement or upgrading of existing harnessed cables very quick and easy. For more information about the E4.1L energy chain system, please visit

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