Mouser now shipping TDK EPCOS PowerHap Actuators

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Mouser now shipping TDK EPCOS PowerHap ActuatorsMouser Electronics is now stocking PowerHap piezo actuators from TDK EPCOS. These new piezo actuators with integrated sensor functionality feature exceptional acceleration, force and response time performance to offer an outstanding quality of haptic feedback for human-machine interfaces (HMIs) in vehicles, smartphones and tablets, household appliances, ATMs and vending machines, game controllers, industrial equipment and medical devices.

TDK EPCOS PowerHap actuators are based on multilayer piezo plates with cost-effective copper inner electrodes, which allow designers to drive the actuators with relatively low operating voltages up to 120V. Unlike conventional electromagnetic devices, PowerHap actuators can excite the entire stimulation range between 1Hz and 1000Hz. As a result, the actuators have no significant frequency or amplitude limitations for customized haptic feedback. In this way, the actuator enables designers to develop custom high-definition haptic feedback profiles that users expect from cutting-edge HMIs.

The PowerHap actuators are available in three types, each in a RoHS-compatible ceramic body with titanium cymbals for displacement amplification. The 2.5G type achieves a displacement of up to 35μm and can generate an acceleration of 2.5g forces of up to 5N in a 9mm × 9mm footprint. The 12.7mm × 12.7mm 7G type achieves a displacement of up to 100μm and can generate an acceleration of 7g forces of up to 5N. The 15G type is a 26mm × 26mm devices that can achieve a displacement of more than 200μm and can generate an acceleration of 15g forces of up to 20N.

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