iglidur G1: similar price, double the performance to the ‘G’

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iglidur G1: similar price, double the performance to the ‘G’ As part of its continuous material improvement programme, igus is introducing the next-generation of its popular bearing material iglidur G. Offering double the performance, iglidur G1 features considerable improved properties over its predecessor but comes at almost the same price point.

Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director, igus says: “Of the 53 tribopolymer materials we have on offer, by far the most frequently used is iglidur G. The next-generation iglidur G1 bearing material opens up a wider range application environments, enabling our customers to remain with the popular all-rounder – an improved alternative in moving applications where metal solutions have been used up to now.”

The igus developers have reduced the wear rates at low loads (up to 5MPa) down to levels up to a quarter of what they were before. The service life under heavy loads has almost been doubled, depending on the application parameters. At the same time, iglidur G1 can now be used continuously at temperatures up to 180degC (iglidur G: 130degC). In addition, the temperature above which an additional means of axially securing the bearing, apart from the press fit, is recommended has been increased by half to 120degC. In conjunction, with more than 50 per cent reduction in moisture absorption, this means that the material is suitable for an even wider range of ambient conditions.

Dumayne adds: “With this new material, designers can reduce costs by around 40 per cent, when compared to using metallic counterparts, and increase the service life of bearings. At the same time, engineers benefit from the special material properties of iglidur, such as the self-lubricating and maintenance-free operation, lower weight and corrosion resistance.”

In addition as a result of extensive tests in the 2750 square-metre laboratory, it will soon be possible to calculate and configure iglidur G1 online similar to all the materials contained in the igus catalogue. For more information about iglidur G1 material, please visit

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