BOGE S-4 compressor offers best-in-class performance

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BOGE S-4 compressor offers best-in-class performanceUltra-low energy consumption, whisper-quiet operation and exceptionally easy maintenance make the new BOGE S-4 screw compressor among the best in its class.

All the components in the BOGE S-4 are integrated in the air-end which offers noise-optimised cooling air, a low-speed radial fan, elasticated ‘SilentMount’ bracket, easy-access design, and innovative separator technology for fast, convenient and safe cartridge changes.

At the heart of the S-4 series is BOGE’s effilence ‘IntegrateDrive’ air-end with integrated gears. The enclosed, low-loss, maintenance-free integrated gear is lubricated via the compressor’s oil circulation. All components are large to ensure low internal pressure losses and excellent efficiency and, because the new air-end can be mounted at the optimum operating point, all performance ranges and pressures can be variably controlled.

The radial fan runs at a very low speed which not only has a positive effect on the sound pressure level (below 74 dB/A), but it also reduces the drive power of the fan, increases efficiency and cuts energy costs. The fan can also be combined with a speed controller to further reduce the noise level and power consumption.

All the sound insulation panels of the S-4 can be removed with just a few hand movements to allow easy access to all components. Maintenance can be carried out from just two sides, and details such as the drawer principle for the oil and air cooler or the use of Victaulic clamped connections create a very maintenance-friendly screw compressor.

Parts requiring maintenance are within easy reach in the compact module, and there is no need for pipework or connecting cables.

The AirShield control can anticipate operating states and adapt to expected pressure and temperature sequences. Even the standard base control unit offers automatic frost protection mode and integrated leakage monitor. The optional focus control 2.0, meanwhile, can monitor up to four connected compressors.

The S4 also features innovative oil separation technology. The redesigned vertical oil separation system ensures a very low residual oil content, minimal pressure losses and a long service life for the separating element. Changing the inner separation cartridge is made fast and easier by the accident-proof swivel mechanism.

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