Low-cost, low-power industrial panel meter uses E-Ink display

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Low-cost, low-power industrial panel meter uses E-Ink displayRS Components is introducing the first industrial panel meter to use E-Ink display technology. The PanelPilot SGD 21-B from Lascar Electronics is a low-cost and ultra-low-power single-channel voltmeter with a sleek monochrome E-Ink display.

E-Ink displays are typically used in a range of electronic consumer devices – most notably in a leading e-book reader – but are now starting to be used in industrial applications. These types of displays have two major advantages over alternative technologies: first, they are readable even in extreme sunlight; and second, they benefit from very low power consumption.

The PanelPilot SGD 21-B comes with a 2.1-inch dot-matrix display with 250 x 122-pixel resolution. The product takes advantage of the company's innovative PanelPilot B Windows-based platform that enables users to configure and customise a range of Lascar-compatible displays with the click of a mouse. The use of preloaded display layout templates, which are configurable for further customisation, enables users to get up and running very quickly, without writing any code.

For the new PanelPilot SGD 21-B, the software platform enables users to choose from a selection of analogue and digital voltmeter apps, and then customise labels, scaling and alarms for their own applications. The device enables two alarm levels to be set, with a dedicated alarm output and a configurable digital I/O pin. A splashscreen can be added to display on power-up. Once the app is complete, it can be uploaded to the SGD 21-B display using a USB cable.

Low power consumption

Key to the product is its 4-9V DC power supply and its very low power consumption, which means it can be used in battery-powered devices. Additional specifications include: dimensions of 73.8 x 37.5 x 10.8mm; and an operating temperature range of 0 to +40degC.

The PanelPilot SGD 21-B from Lascar Electronics is available now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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