NSK launches world’s fastest high-load ball screws

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NSK launches world’s fastest high-load ball screwsNSK is introducing what are claimed to be the world's fastest high-load ball screws, capable of linear speeds of up to 3m/s - which is double what is normally achievable with conventional balls screws in this type of application. The new additions to the HTF-SRE and HTF-SRD series mean applications such as the clamping and dynamic axes of all-electric plastic injection moulding machines can now benefit from faster acceleration and higher final speed.

In 1996 NSK first developed its successful HTF series of high-load ball screw drives, which has since been continuously expanded at both the low- and high-end performance range. To match market demand for shorter cycle times when producing parts such as guide plates for smartphone and tablet displays, the linear drives of the latest injection moulding machines need to be capable of operating with higher acceleration and faster feed rates. With this in mind, two series of high-load ball screws from NSK have been expanded in line with industry requirements.

In the HTF-SRE series, NSK previously only offered relatively large spindle diameters of 140 to 200mm. Now, for the latest injection moulding machines with very high dynamic performance requirements, small and medium diameters (starting from 50mm) have been added to the range. In addition, the series now features nuts that are far more compact, with outer dimensions compatible with those of the HTF-SRC series, which are already used in numerous injection moulding machines around the world.

In a further development from NSK, the company's HTF-SRD series, which is suitable for the clamping units of plastic injection moulding machines, has been expanded with versions featuring larger leads. Machinery designers can now utilise high-load ball screws with top feed speeds of 2 to 3m/s, which, in turn, enables end users to benefit from shorter cycle times and increased productivity. Another benefit is notably reduced noise levels; thanks to optimised (smooth) ball circulation methodology, noise has been reduced by half compared with conventional systems.

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