High-resolution, low-cost XGA Firewire board camera

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Scorpion Vision is introducing the Unibrain XGA board camera. This is a brand new XGA 1394a OEM board camera featuring a Sony 1/3inch, 1024 x 768 pixel, progressive scan CCD that can reach up to 36 fps in maximum resolution (Format-7) and is available in both colour and monochrome models.

The Fire-i XGA board supports the latest IIDC 1.31 standards and features automatic bus synchronisation, hardware triggering, partial scan mode, one-shot and multi-shot modes.

As well as coming with a C/CS mount lens adapter, the camera also supports miniature lenses (for 1/3inch CCD) via Unibrain's M12 x 0.5 lens base.

The camera follows on from the very successful range of OEM VGA board cameras and aims to satisfy the needs of OEM customers who have a requirement for a high-resolution but low-cost device. Other models in the range use 1/4inch format sensors with colour, monochrome or RAW modes and are available with remote CCD sensors that are connected using a flexible ribbon cable.

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