xiros pillow block bearings for food & packaging industry

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xiros pillow block bearings for food & packaging industryOn roller conveyors or conveyor belts pillow block bearings play a central role. In the food and packaging industry, traditional metallic bearings do not meet the hygienic requirements as lubricants are used. igus has developed a new ball-mounted pillow block bearing made of the FDA-compliant self-lubricating xirodur B180 material.

Due to its high-performance plastic and the built-in stainless steel balls, the bearing is very smooth running and also corrosion resistant. Thanks to the identical dimensions of the hole spacing, existing metal bearings can be replaced 1:1 with the lubrication-free xiros product.

The ball-mounted xiros pillow block bearing is flushable and suitable for application environments of up to +80degC. Capable of coping with a high stress, the bearing withstands up to 50kg with speeds of up to 850 rpm.

The new pillow block bearing made of xirodur B180 is currently available for shafts with a diameter of 25 millimetres. Other sizes are available upon request. For more information, please visit

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