Highly dynamic pressure sensor with 500kHz natural frequency

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Highly dynamic pressure sensor with 500kHz natural frequencyIf you need to measure high pressure in hydraulic and pneumatics systems or highly dynamic pressure measurements in shock tubes or blast tests, Kistler Instruments has the answer. The new 1000 bar, miniature Type 603C piezoelectric (PE) pressure sensor has a very high natural frequency of 500kHz which makes it suited to a wide range of applications where highly dynamic pressure transients need to be measured.

One characteristic of the 603C PE sensor is its ability to measure small pressure fluctuations, superimposed on a high static pressure, with exceptional resolution. The integrated acceleration compensation ensures reliable measurements even under highly vibrating conditions. Add long life reliability and calibration at 10 per cent and 100 per cent of FSO making the sensor easily matched to changing needs resulting in exceptionally low cost of ownership.

With linearity typically better than +/-0.4 per cent FSO and operating temperature from -196degC to +200degC, the new sensor is big in performance but small in size. A 5.5mm diameter, robust, high-pressure membrane is mounted in a hermetically sealed, welded, stainless steel housing available in both long 37.8mm and the short 15mm long overall versions both with a 6.3mm overall diameter.

The new Type 603C PE pressure sensor has been designed for use with the recently introduced dual-mode LabAmp Type 5165A series for dynamic pressure and the Type 5167A series for both dynamic and quasi-static pressure measurements.

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