Zero leak check valves for use in extreme downhole conditions

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Zero leak check valves for use in extreme downhole conditionsLee Products' field-proven range of Zero Leak Check Valves now includes new valve configurations that are manufactured entirely from materials that are compliant with NACE specification MR0175/ISO 15156. These valves are said to offer outstanding reliability in tough conditions and can be used in oil wells and gas wells. They feature MP35N bodies and poppets for outstanding durability and custom polymeric valve seats that ensure zero leakage of fluids at pressures up to 15,000psid and at temperatures up to 400degF. Seat materials are also available to ensure compatibility with typical subsea and downhole fluids, and also gas exploration and production applications.

As companies involved in oil and gas exploration and production continue to push the boundaries into deeper wells and more hostile environments, the reliable operation of drilling, completion and production equipment under the most extreme environments has never been more important. Lee Products' zero leak check valves are excellent for applications such as chemical injection systems operating at extreme temperatures and pressures. These reverse flow prevention valves can be used in oil tools operating throughout all stages of an oil well life cycle.

NACE-compliant Zero Leak Check valves exceed the performance requirements necessary for oil tool operation under the extreme environmental conditions found in deep wells. They are 100 per cent performance tested to guarantee reliable, consistent performance for the life of the system.

The valves are also self-retained without the need for O-rings, facilitated by the use of the innovative and field-proven Lee locking end that securely locks the valves in place and prevents any bypass leakage. Available in diameters from 0.187inch to 0.500inch (4.75mm to 12.7mm), Lee check valves offer the ability to optimise the combination of size and flow rate for most downhole applications. Configurations may also include integrated safety screens or restrictors for added protection and performance.

Lee Products states: "These NACE compliant valves are ideal when the application requires zero leakage at high differential pressures in high temperature, corrosive environments. They are currently in service in chemical injection systems, gas lift systems and down-hole safety valves."

For decades The Lee Company has continually expanded the performance limits of its field-proven range of miniature check valves and these NACE-compliant valves are the latest innovation added to the range of options available. With diameters available from 1.0inch to 0.093inch (25.4mm to 2.36mm), Lee Check Valves are claimed to be the smallest in the world with millions supplied and operating for over 30 years in challenging environments around the globe.

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