Safe cable guidance even in the most confined spaces with E2.10

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Safe cable guidance even in the most confined spaces with E2.10igus is extending its E2.1 micro series of quick and easy assembly energy chains with the introduction of the low-profile E2.10. With inner and outer heights of 10mm and 15mm, respectively, and very small bend radii the new series is designed for tiny spaces.

As with the other products in the E2.1 series, the links consist of only two parts: the bottom / side part and a crossbar. This can be easily opened from the top and from the side with a screwdriver. With each first order, a simple e-chain opener tool for opening the chain quickly is also included. Using this, the chain can be opened in a few seconds and, after fitting the cables, easily closed again by hand.

In keeping with the interior design of the chain, igus offers separators with rounded edges for a long service life of hoses and cables. For a precise spacing of the separators, a grid is marked on the crossbars.

The E2.1 micro series has a robust stop-dog system for up to 25 per cent more unsupported length, 100 per cent higher fill weights and 10 per cent less weight than identical igus e-chain types. The ‘brake’ on the stop-dog of the links allows very quiet running. This means they are great in automatic doors, vehicles or in medical equipment, for example.

In order for the energy chain and the cable to work well together, igus develops highly flexible chainflex cables, which are specifically designed for use in energy chains. With the chainflex CFBUS.LB.060 Profinet cable, for example, data can be transmitted in the tightest of spaces with a bend radius of just 7.5 × d.

The lifetime of chainflex cables for a given application is easy to find out. Using data from 2 billion test cycles igus performs in its laboratory each year, the free online tool service life calculator offers an accurate prediction of the cable service life. When ordered as a ready-to-use readychain, comprising cables, connectors and e-chain, it’s ready to install for immediate fitting.

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