IDS NXT vegas model with colour sensor and further developments

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IDS NXT vegas model with colour sensor and further developmentsThanks to their open architecture, Vision App-based industrial cameras have the potential to permanently change industrial image processing; a single IDS NXT camera can tackle a wide variety of image processing tasks. For this purpose, users can even develop their own vision apps. IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is now launching a new IDS NXT vegas model with a 1.3MP CMOS colour sensor and is also equipping both the colour and mono versions of the camera with more powerful LEDs. With the product market launch, the company will also release new firmware and a new cockpit for configuring the cameras from a PC.

IDS NXT combines the advantages of app-based devices as multifunctional tools - as we know them from smartphones in our everyday life - with the requirements of modern industrial cameras. The result is a new generation of highly versatile devices that can be configured and used for a wide variety of tasks. Its latest member is the IDS NXT vegas with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS colour sensor from e2v, which enables users to solve image processing tasks requiring colour recognition.

Features and benefits

The small, lightweight (185g) colour version has a liquid lens with autofocus, a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor for distance measurement, integrated lighting and many other features. Users benefit from the same advantages that the mono version offers, including PC-independent data processing thanks to an integrated CPU and a robust, vibration-resistant housing with IP65 protection.

Both mono and colour models will be delivered with higher-intensity LEDs, which enable the best results to be obtained even under difficult lighting conditions. The already enormous light intensity can be increased even further by using a newly integrated high-power mode. This is automatically preset for trigger operation and ensures that the LEDs are briefly operated at higher than normal current, which results in brighter, more brilliant images.

New firmware

IDS has not only further developed the camera family, but is also launching new firmware 1.2. For example, users can now set a live image to be mirrored horizontally or vertically in the sensor before processing. This is done without any loss of CPU performance. This function is useful if, for example, the camera views the object to be examined via a mirror. In addition to other operating functions, IDS has also integrated new system messages, such as a warning function that can be activated via the REST interface. This informs the user if no new trigger signal has been received after a defined time.

The IDS NXT Cockpit, which serves as a PC application for configuring the innovative industrial cameras, has also been further developed. New features such as Auto White Balance and Colour Gain configuration enable users to adjust the image to the particular imaging conditions. In addition to German and English, a French version of the cockpit is now available; others will follow in the near future.

Follow the link to learn more about IDS NXT vegas vision app-based industrial cameras.

08 May 2018

IDS Imaging Development Systemsvisit website
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