Elesa stainless steel industrial components for robust service

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Elesa stainless steel industrial components for robust serviceElesa is promoting its stainless steel industrial components, with an extensive selection of items that parallel their steel and reinforced polyamide products. The Elesa stainless options provide extra-tough in-service performance that one would expect of premium stainless steel construction.

Good examples of the Elesa stainless steel approach include their MTC-S Latch Clamps with safety stop, which are particularly suitable for equipment and applications with strong vibration stresses where it is required to assure the holding of the clamp engagement against accidental opening. The clamp opening is obtained by actuating the button to disengage the safety device, thus it is possible to operate with the control lever.

Elesa’s LMR levelling feet in AISI 304 and AISI 303 with rubber base provide high strength support where corrosion is a concern.

Spoked handwheels – GN 949 in cast stainless and DVC series vibration damping bushes for mounting of rotating/vibrating machines or equipment isolation – are further exemplars of the Elesa philosophy to produce high-quality components for the full breadth of industry.

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