Innovative miniature radial piston pumps are self-priming

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Innovative miniature radial piston pumps are self-primingLee Products is launching a new range of 200 Series miniature positive displacement pumps featuring an innovative radial piston design that allows for self-priming at altitude and reduces cavitation.

The 200 Series pumps are driven by a powerful brushless DC motor and qualified for 1000 hours of operation, making them particularly suited to the demands of aerospace and other hi-tech applications. Measuring 124mm in overall length, they represent another example of the Lee Company's reputation for developing high-performance components in the smallest packages.

These pumps were designed to meet the demands of next-generation fuel systems on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) engines. While traditional pumps in these applications only operate for 250 hours, Lee Radial Piston Pumps are designed to meet the critical requirements military engines have for 1000 hours of operation before the need for overhaul or replacement.

They include an integrated brushless DC servo motor with hall sensor feedback. This allows for precise control of variable flow, resulting in optimal efficiency under changing conditions. The 200 Series pump can deliver flows up to 235PPH and can operate at pressures up to 115psi and temperatures from -57 to +110degC.

The materials of construction are compatible with most fuels and other petroleum-based fluids used in aerospace and other similar critical fluids handling applications. Custom designs with additional features such as filter screens and integrated motor drive and control are also available.

Lee Products' 200 Series self-priming pumps are well suited to applications such as fuel pumps used on small to medium-sized unmanned aerial systems, auxiliary power units, generators, Formula 1 racing cars, fuel transfer pumps for larger unmanned systems, oil pumps or wherever safe and efficient positive displacement pumping is required. Go to for further details.

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