EdgeCAM version 12 features expanded capabilities

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EdgeCAM has released version 12 of its CAM system for NC part programming.

Version 12 extends the range of five-axis machine tool support to include head/table configurations for both simultaneous and positional work. Accurate simulation of the machining process, including full kinematic display of all table/head and tool movement, verifies work setup and eliminates potential collisions.

Users of V12 will benefit from faster toolpath generation for 3D solid model geometry with prismatic slice output in rough machining. This, together with toolpath smoothing, generates true arcs based on the target geometry, giving improved accuracy and efficiency, as well as greatly reducing the size of the CNC files.

New options include reduced cycle time and further enhancement of toolpath control for holes, to minimise air cuts and reduce cycle times. New turning strategies – to improve chip removal on deep hole boring, increase tool life and programming capability – are also included in EdgeCAM version 12.

Expanded into both turning and mill/turn environments, the improved Strategy Manager enables more manufacturing processes to be automated. Process attributes such as tolerance and surface finish can be used to maximise machine productivity. Working in conjunction with the EdgeCAM Part Modeller, Strategy Manager enables design intent to direct the manufacturing environment – surface finish can be used to control optimum feed, speed and depth of cut.

Version 12 – which supports Windows Vista – has moved to SQL, the industry-standard technology for handling databases and multi-user environments, providing the potential for integration with other factory automation systems such as ERP, tool measurement and tool management systems.

EdgeCAM offers core support for the latest CAD products, working with native data from such systems as Solid Edge v20, SolidWorks 2008, Autodesk Inventor 2008 and CATIA v5 R17.

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