High-reliability Yuasa lead acid batteries available from stock

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High-reliability Yuasa lead acid batteries available from stockRechargeable batteries from Yuasa are available from stock at JPR Electronics. Applications for Yuasa batteries include security, CCTV, fire protection, emergency lighting, telecoms, UPS and golf buggies and mobility scooters.

The NP series rechargeable sealed lead acid battery series offers maintenance-free 6V and 12V versions in a range of capacities from 1.2 to 38 ampere-hours (Ah). Yuasa’s special construction prevents any leakage of electrolyte from the case or terminals and the batteries provide high energy density, long and reliable service life up to 5 years in standby mode and cyclic use of 180–200 cycles.

Key features include excellent performance in either float or cyclic use, up to 1200 charge/discharge cycles, excellent recovery from deep discharge. Connection is via tab terminals up to 12Ah and bolt terminals for higher power batteries.

The Yuasa Yucel range of valve regulated SLA batteries provide a reliable and long-life source of power for in electronic products and systems and standby applications. The Yucel battery range is available in 6 and 12V options with capacities from 1.2 to 38Ah.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments: “Yuasa are the market-leading manufacturer of sealed lead-acid batteries and have global reputation for high-quality, high-reliability power sources ensuring standby power is always available for critical systems.”

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