Robust and versatile ultra-high-pressure control valve

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The robust and versatile HP-40 ultra-high pressure control valve for liquids and gases is a new addition to the established range of Badger Meter Control Valves available through Pump Engineering.

The HP-40 control valve is suitable for high-pressure applications such as automotive, fuel cell and research applications. In these situations it is well suited for controlling high-pressure liquids and gases such as hydrogen, supercritical CO2 and catalyst injection control in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure reactors.

This valve features a tri-axially forged 316L stainless steel body, a solid Stellite inner valve assembly and standard packing material of Torlon with PFA CV rings. It has a pressure rating of 40,000 psia (2758 bar) and can be used for both flow control as well as a Class lV shutoff valve.

Among the standard features are; a wide range of interchangeable trims, a choice of linear or quick opening trims, ANSI Class lll shutoff for sizes P-1 through P-9 and ANSI Class lV shutoff for sizes K through O and a 9/16 in. high pressure cone and collar fittings. Options include a Titanium Nitride coated Stellite inner valve and a stainless steel actuator and control hardware for explosion-proof requirements.

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