New Dunkermotoren dMove BLDC motors offer improved performance

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New Dunkermotoren dMove BLDC motors offer improved performance Dunkermotoren continues to develop and refine its product offering with it latest BG 65 (S) BLDC motor design. This is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with completely integrated motor electronics. However, with the BG 65/ BG 66 dMove, Dunkermotoren is launching successor products.

The outward appearance of this series with simple control electronics (formerly represented by 'SI' motors, now called 'dMove') is mechanically interchangeable with previous versions. Inside the motors, there are new control electronics. Already in I/O version it enables functions to be assigned to the digital inputs – from simple speed controlling via analogue input or fixed speed via digital inputs, to combinations of current and speed control optimisation. Also, digital outputs can be assigned to functions.

In addition to the electronics upgrade, the motor has been optimised to deliver a higher output power. All of these new features provide enhanced performance in a very cost-effective package.

Compared with the former SI motors, it is possible to integrate dMove versions as slaves in CANopen networks and to control them via profile CiA 402 or even simpler programming via Dunkermotoren quick start commands. Here, all functions include positioning, speed and current operation are available. For projects, Dunkermotoren offers versions of the motor that are parameterised and controlled via an RS 485 interface. Dunkermotoren's newly developed commissioning software Drive Assistant 5 helps to set up the motors intuitively.

The dMove series is suitable for a wide variety of applications that do not require a high-resolution encoder. However, for applications with higher resolution requirements, the BG 65 (S) PI, MI and CI are still available. Go to to learn more.

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