igus launches new sizes and thicknesses of tribo-tape liner

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igus launches new sizes and thicknesses of tribo-tape linerigus is introducing a range of new sizes to its tribo-tape portfolio. The range, which is available in four high-performance plastics, is suitable for lining tribologically stressed surfaces and shapes, as well as for transport optimisation, for machine beds, and as edge protection. The adhesive backing has also been improved and is now FDA compliant, making it suitable for use in the food industry.

The blue tribo-tape, which is made of FDA-compliant iglidur A160 material, is insensitive to dirt and dust and meets the strict requirements for hygiene and safety in the food industry. Its blue colour also makes for easy visual identification. iglidur B160, which has improved wear-resistance performance, can be used where it is a visible part of an assembly, such as in the furniture industry. The inconspicuous black material offers creative freedom. For hygiene-sensitive industries, such as in machines for dental hardening or disinfection, iglidur W160 has antibacterial properties. Furthermore, the material contains UV-stabilising additives so it is insensitive to light degradation. The fourth tribo-tape, made of iglidur V400, is heat-resistant and can be applied at temperatures of up to 200degC and up to 160degC for bonding.

In wear tests against a stainless steel pin, all four tribo-tape materials perform well with values up to 10 times better than those of conventional materials – PTFE-coated fibreglass and PTFE-bronze. In addition, the igus materials have a low coefficient of friction and are self-lubricating and therefore maintenance-free.

The A160, B160 and W160 materials are available in the standard widths of 20, 50, 100 and 500mm with a thickness of either 0.5mm or 1mm. iglidur V400 is available in the standard width of 120mm and thickness of 0.5mm. All tribo tapes can be supplied with or without adhesive backing. In addition, igus offers a cutting service for custom shapes or specific widths.

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