GEOS enclosures provide protection in aggressive environments

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GEOS enclosures provide protection in aggressive environmentsSpelsberg is promoting its GEOS range of enclosures that was launched earlier in 2018. Designed to withstand aggressive atmospheres in industrial or outdoor applications, GEOS enclosures are lightweight, highly durable and benefit from an innovative sealing system. GEOS provides a dynamic option that combines strength, flexibility and multi-faceted protection.

The GEOS range offers the same basic qualities you’d expect of a Spelsberg heavy duty enclosure. UV, weather, corrosion and temperature resistance are guaranteed as standard; which coupled with an IK 09 impact rating, means rugged performance in challenging environments. Ingress protection can be specified at either IP66 or IP67, with the high-quality polycarbonate construction managing to deliver this protection package in a lightweight manner.

Where the GEOS really breaks new ground is in its innovative Drain Protect seal system. The system serves to divert collected moisture from the environment via a drainage channel to the rear of the enclosure, away from the access point. An overlapping cover and an elastomer seal ensure diverted moisture cannot compromise the integrity of the enclosure, making the GEOS well suited for outdoor or indoor usage.

Variety is also built into the GEOS range. Five sizes of enclosure are offered, with differing side wall measurements. Opaque grey or blue transparent covers can be specified depending on inspection requirements, with end users able to choose between screw and quick release closure depending on preference. These options can be specified on the 10 GEOS model variants in the Spelsberg range.

Air ventilation can also be provided by the optional BEL Air element, which ensures that condensate cannot compromise the integrity of electricals contained within.

The GEOS’ proficiency in most environments makes its suitable applications broad. The GEOS can be used indoors or outdoors, for industrial or commercial applications. As a result, it provides a useful option for end users in the automation, energy or communications industries.

Customisation has been a long-standing aspect of Spelsberg’s service package, which allows end users to customise enclosures such as the GEOS to create the optimum electrical protection product. Utilising a dedicated production line and CNC machine capacity, Spelsberg can offer processing, printing, assembly and packing services on reduced lead times. End users can even gain samples of their customised enclosure within 24 hours, ensuring the minimisation of project delays.

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