Rotary actuator includes servo motor, amp and position control

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Rotary actuator includes servo motor, amp and position controlInmoco's new rotary version of its 'three-in-one' Exlar Tritex series of actuators is an all-electric means of actuating and/or positioning mechanical devices in a wide variety of industrial and military-grade applications. Offering a compact control package, the Tritex rotary actuators combine a brushless servo motor, servo amplifier and position controller in a single industrial-grade enclosure, thereby eliminating both the cost and complexity of typical servo systems.

The Tritex rotary motors and gearmotors provide high response and precise control of a rotatable shaft similar to that found in any electric motor. However, the benefit with the Tritex rotary actuator is that it can be programmed via a PC to control the rotational speed and position of its output shaft in response to external commands. As an example of this, the Tritex motor can be commanded to rotate at a controlled velocity and to stop precisely at a pre-programmed position, upon receiving a command to do so.

In addition, the Tritex unit can also be programmed to run at a preset velocity until a switch input is received, or a pre-programmed torque level is produced (against a load). Alternatively, it can be set to follow an analogue signal, either voltage or current, representing torque, velocity, or position. The signals for initiating the pre-programmed velocity and position commands can be derived from optically isolated inputs, or directly via the Modbus serial communication channel provided on each Tritex unit. In the same way, isolated output commands of the status and events in an application allow precise co-ordination with the user's control system or machine operator.

The Tritex rotary motor is a 90 mm frame size unit offering base speeds up to 1700rpm, continuous torque up to 4.7Nm continuous and peak torque to 9.4Nm. If an application requires greater torque and less speed than is available with the base unit, the Tritex is available with an integral servo-grade planetary gear reducer that offers gear ratios of 4:1 to 100:1. This unit allows the power of Tritex to be applied over a broader range of torque requirements.

About Tritex

Exlar's Tritex series actuators combine three technologies - a brushless servo motor, servo amplifier and position controller - to deliver for what is claimed to be the first time a truly simple and low cost all-electrical alternative to fluid power actuators. Tritex actuators eliminate the need for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders while improving position performance, reducing cycle times and eliminating the maintenance associated with fluid power devices. Ball screw mechanisms and separately mounted gear reducers are also a thing of the past because rotary-to-linear converters or mechanical reducers are designed in.

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