Out-of-the-box security for IoT edge nodes

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Out-of-the-box security for IoT edge nodesMouser Electronics is now stocking the A71CH secure element from NXP Semiconductors. A ready-to-use security product for next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the A71CH provides a root of trust at the IC level to deliver chip-to-cloud security out of the box. With the A71CH, designers can safely connect to IoT clouds and services without writing security code or exposing keys for applications, such as connected industrial devices, sensor networks, IP cameras, smart home devices, home gateways, and smart cities.

The NXP A71CH IC provides secure, zero-touch connectivity for IoT devices. This encrypted and authenticated interface-to-host processor can be securely provisioned with the required credentials for autonomous cloud onboarding and peer-to-peer authentication. Featuring security functionalities such as encrypted key storage, ECC key generation and signature verification, and an encrypted vault for product master secrets, the chip is designed to help protect private information and credentials for mutual authentication.

The A71CH employs a “Plug & Trust” approach to support easy integration of security and cloud onboarding through host libraries, example codes and various application notes, as well as the A71CH Arduino Compatible Development Kit. The kit includes an A71CH Mini PCB board and Arduino-compatible interface board that seamlessly connects to many NXP LPC, Kinetis, and i.MX boards to support microcontroller and microprocessor development.

Follow the link to learn more about the NXP A71CH secure element at Mouser.

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