New 35m motor-powered e-spool from igus

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New 35m motor-powered e-spool from igusigus is introducing a new 35m powered e-spool and Justin Leonard, e-chain director at igus UK, presents a video outlining the benefits of this larger version of the e-spool.

Until now, e-spool has been available as standard for lengths of 14 metres and optionally up to 20m. It is widely used in the theatre and stage industry globally for lighting trusses, sound systems and moving sets. Its innovative twisterband dispenses with the familiar slip-ring used in conventional reeling drums, enabling it to carry multiple different types of cables and hoses together.

The longer length e-spool brings further applications within the theatre and stage industry, and opens up new possibilities within the crane industry where a compact retraction system carrying cables and hoses together is needed. The integrated motor accommodates very high retractions forces, which enables the system to guide and route lots of cables and hoses for very long vertical distances at speeds of up to 1.2m/s. With a closed-loop control, e-spool does not need to be integrated into the existing control system.

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