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igus industrial robot dresspack configurator saves timeThe new online dresspack configurator from igus enables engineers to quickly find the right system components based around the triflex R energy chain. Easy to install and fill, this multi-axis energy chain protects moving cables and hoses on robots, thereby increasing service life.

Since its inception, the range of igus triflex R parts for robots has grown significantly. There are now eight sizes, five methods of opening, four retraction module types and hundreds of other accessories, including mounting brackets, robot-specific adaptor plates and protectors. This means that when dressing a robot, there are many options that could be quite overwhelming. With the new configurator, however, making product selections is both easier and quicker.

The dresspack configurator automatically accounts for which parts are compatible and only offers those that will work with any given robot. The engineer now simply selects the robot manufacturer, the type and model of robot and the number of axes to be equipped. The configurator then displays a 3D representation of the robot with the components of the energy supply system being added at each stage for clarity of what is being selected.

The first step after robot choice is to select a retraction system, which is designed to keep the energy chain tensioned to avoid looping and protect against damage. The user then configures the triflex R e-chain type and the size. Extra accessories such as protectors, brackets or even extra triflex R chain links can also be added.

Once the configuration is complete, the tool creates a list of all the components required, which can be added to the shopping cart for ordering. A total system price is displayed immediately too. CAD models of the components and a PDF report of the configuration are also provided.

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