Variohm's EPT12R pressure sensor has titanium wetted parts

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Variohm's EPT12R pressure sensor has titanium wetted partsVariohm EuroSensor’s new high-performance EPT12R pressure sensor combines cable-separated electronics and sensor units with titanium wetted components for high-accuracy pressure measurement up to 1500 bar at gas or liquid media temperatures from -45 to +200degC. Aimed at demanding motorsports powertrain or industrial pressure measurement tasks, the new sensor is optionally available for gauge or vacuum use with a choice of ratiometric or unregulated supply for 0.5–4.5V DC output.

The EPT12R is offered in 14 range options from 0-to 0-1500 bar with measuring volume as low as 1mm3. With its pressure port isolated from the electronics unit via a 1m cable assembly, the sensor features a solid state pressure cell with no internal O- rings or silicone oil for maximum stability. Titanium wetted parts mean maximum corrosion resistance to the widest range of media. With both the sensor and electronics units sealed in durable 304 stainless steel housings with IP65 protection ratings, this arrangement allows pressure measurement tasks where ambient temperatures at the sensor head can be in the range of -45 to 185degC. The EPT12R’s accuracy specifications vary with temperature, from 0.5 per cent at 20degC up to 4 per cent maximum at the elevated high and low measured temperature extremes. Stability is specified at 0.5 per cent/year.

The sensor’s compact size and pressure port options of M8 male or 10-32 UNF-2A are complemented with an M5 × 0.5 electrical connector for convenient mounting. The highly durable shock and vibration ratings will suit the most arduous installed environments. Excitation voltage is 5V DC for ratiometric output and 12–32V DC for the 0.5–4.5V DC option. Protection measures include up to 2× overrange and up to 3× burst pressure in addition to short circuit and reverse voltage safeguards.

A datasheet for Variohm’s EPT12R pressure sensor is available as a download from the website, and covers detailed specification and ordering code information.

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