Miniature safety brakes are super-slim and energy-efficient

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Miniature safety brakes are super-slim and energy-efficientAvailable through Abssac, the BXR-LE type super slim safety brake has an impressive, space-saving, physical size. The spring-actuated brake model is half the thickness, but the same outer diameter, as its big brother, the type BXW series. It is operated by the compressive force delivered from several built-in springs that are activated in the event of a power failure or if the power is removed due to an emergency.

The new model features holding and braking torques just under those of the existing models, yet the overall thickness can be as little as 14.0mm in model 035. Through magnetic field analysis and using the latest FEM techniques, the brake benefits from an optimised physical design.

Operational costs can also be lowered by using the BXR-LE series. With all safety brakes, when a machine is running, the brake is continuously drawing electrical current in order to maintain the brake in a released condition. However, the necessary electrical energy consumed when the brake starts to release differs greatly from the current draw requirement when the brake is held in the released condition. By optimising this differential with an over-excitation power supply, the operational energy saving can be up to 90 per cent.

Typical applications for the BXR-LE brake include integration within servo motors and robotics where the space-saving benefits are maximised.

Full CAD models are available. Follow the link for more information about the BXR-LE slimline safety brake.

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