Dual-linescan camera has CameraLink and GigE options

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Fiirstsight Vision is launching a CameraLink version of the DALSA Spyder3 linescan camera. Utilising its innovative dual linescan technology, the Spyder3 offers three times greater responsivity and twice the line rates of previous models with throughput rates of 80MHz. The camera's high response to light enables precise inspection, even without optimal lighting, thereby reducing both lighting and overall system costs. It offers excellent image quality and high throughput, which boosts quality and efficiency.

The novel dual-linescan approach features two parallel arrays of photodiode pixels, one of which has a selectable delay relative to the other. Signal electrons from the two arrays are then combined on-chip into a single output giving enhanced sensitivity with no increase in amplifier noise. The design also preserves powerful conventional linescan features such as exposure control and high blue response.

Firstsight Vision says the Camera Link configuration of the Spyder3 CL allows easy integration into existing systems and can be used for many applications including glass edge inspection, general-purpose web inspection, postal sorting, industrial metrology, pick-and-place applications and medical and scientific imaging.

In addition to its high performance and affordability, the camera is fully programmable, with users having precise control over key variables such as gain and offset. It also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling).

The Spyder3 CL is available with 1k and 2k resolutions. The Spyder3 CL is backwards-compatible with the Spyder or Spyder2, with no change in optics design required because the pixel size and fill factor remain unchanged. The camera is also available with a GigE interface, so OEMs can now take full advantage of this camera with either interface.

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