New laser distance sensors with sub-micrometre accuracy

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New laser distance sensors with sub-micrometre accuracy Baumer is launching high-performance OM70 laser point and laser line distance sensors that combine high-precision measurement technology and easy handling for automation applications. OM70 sensors provide very high measuring accuracy, resolution up to 0.7um, measuring distances up to 1500mm, linear deviations up to +/-0.06 per cent in laser-point or laser-line versions.

Thanks to repeatable measurements in the sub-micrometre range and minimal linearity deviations, the sensors enable reliable measurement of components as well as high-precision positioning of objects or grippers. The sensors guarantee extremely high process stability despite variations in temperature or varying ambient light conditions. The OM70 laser point sensors are suitable for position and height checks of small components and objects thanks to their very small spot size. The very fine laser line of the OM70 laser line sensors offers high precision even for demanding surfaces.

Special variants for tolerance measurement enable efficient checks to be made of the dimensional accuracy of objects. By teaching-in a reference, the OM70 sensors directly determine the deviation from the target measurement. A digital output can be parameterised accordingly.

However, the new sensors are not only convincing because of their performance, but also because of their simple operation. The parameterisation can be carried out directly on the sensor via the clearly visible touch display with integrated live monitor.

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