Plastic bonding system for the automotive industry

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ATM Automation Ltd is a robotics and automation company based in Leicestershire. They manufacture machinery, high and low volume, for the Automotive, Medical and Plastics industries. ATM offers a number of options for adhesive application to automotive components. These range from systems using a single or multiple dispensing heads configured with a bespoke designed machine, to 6-axis robots manipulating the dispensing nozzle around 3-dimensional profiles. Precision fixturing ensures repeatable part location, and in-process control of the adhesive dispensing system guarantees consistency in the bead profile and volume of adhesive dispensed.

They have recently expanded their plastic bonding range of machinery to include a fully automated gluing system. Features of these systems include 3 large nests, Poka Yoke checks, light guarding, a robot and measuring system. ATM use their own in house control system, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) can be loaded on to the systems which shows a percentage of ‘good parts’ being produced. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is also an option which gathers data from the factory floor and links manufacturing systems. Both technologies show decision makers the productivity of their shop floor, seeing the overall productive manufacturing time is the best way to identify the percentage of defective parts.

One vital feature on all systems is Poka Yoke checks which ensure the components cannot be removed from the machine until bonding and verifications have been completed. All systems are designed and configured to suit the individual components and production volumes based on field-proven ATM technology.

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