Wieland’s wienet Managed Switches provide full network control

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Wieland’s wienet Managed Switches provide full network control The new wienet Managed Switches from Wieland Electric allow full control and diagnosis of industrial Ethernet networks. By means of standard ring topology, the switches allow redundant topologies and thereby boost network availability. These switches offer protection against unauthorised access/data traffic, greater resilience and prioritisation of data with real-time requirements.

wienet Managed Switches support processes including ERPS, RSTP, STP and MRP for Profinet networks (certified up to Conformance Class B) and are adapted for Ethernet IPs. Different port variants from 10/100 Base-T(X) RJ45 ports to variable SFP ports and even Gigabit Combo ports allow for optimal adaptation to the application environment. The full PoE+ performance of 30W can be tapped with a 51V DC power supply up to a maximum of 8 ports. The switches meet the highest requirements with their operating temperature range of -20degC to 75degC as well as their excellent MV properties.

The wienet Managed Switches support clock synchronisation according to IEEE 1588 PTP and are also suited to Motion Control applications. With the network management software wienet Manager, LLDP capable devices are recognised and managed, with precise network topologies automatically generated. wienet Managed Switches are easily configurable via web browsers, Telnet consoles, MIBs or Hyper Terminals.

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