Atlas Copco launches high-capacity NGP+ nitrogen generators

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Atlas Copco is adding nine energy-efficient, high-capacity models to its NGP+ nitrogen generators range. The expanded range now offers the capability to deliver on-site nitrogen at flows ranging from 5.2 l/s (19Nm3/h) to 797 l/s (2870Nm3/h), with purity levels up to 99.999 per cent and a potential 50 per cent reduction in running costs.

Mark Ranger, UK Business Line Manager for Oil-free Air at Atlas Copco Compressors comments: “The latest NGP+ generators are a real game changer. For instance, in specific applications, such as the oil and gas industry that typically require 95 to 99 per cent nitrogen purity, reported gas price decreases of as much as 75 per cent have been achieved. What is more, users in other sectors, such as rubber, metal production and general industry, are able to refine the actual purity level required for any given application while benefitting from optimum economic operation.”

On-site NGP+ generators offer a more sustainable and cost-efficient approach than reliance on gas delivered in cylinders or bulk liquid supply, which requires transport, handling and resulting administration. Operating with the latest pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the plug-and-play generators, when connected to an existing clean, dry compressed air installation, offer an independent, reliable and flexible supply of premium grade nitrogen at the highest purity levels.

NGP+ generators have been designed from the outset to protect the process application and the users’ equipment investment. By default, NGP+ generators feature an automatic off-spec check purity control so that nitrogen with a purity level less than the pre-set threshold can never reach a sensitive application. At the same time, feed air conditions such as temperature, pressure and pressure dewpoint are continuously monitored by fail-safe sensors. When not matching the generator requirements, the feed air is blown off automatically before entering the machine to eliminate the risk of contamination and damage to components.

A nitrogen generator’s air factor defines the compressed air volume required to obtain a specific nitrogen flow. The key feature of Atlas Copco’s latest NGP+ units is their industry-low air factor – 1.8 at 95 per cent purity up to 5.5 at 99.999 per cent purity – which translates into much lower operating costs. Overall, the augmented family of NGP+ nitrogen generators offer up to 50 per cent reduction in running costs compared with other nitrogen generators within industry.

The future-proof design of NGP+ generators means they are ready for use in Industry 4.0 applications. This is achieved through integration with Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK data monitoring program, which provides more than just a watchful eye on performance. SMARTLINK gathers, compares and analyses data in real time to deliver an intelligent assessment of generator system performance. This is an effective way to increase reliability, decrease downtime and identify energy optimisation opportunities.

The NGP+ generators complement Atlas Copco’s existing range of on-site gas products, including both nitrogen and oxygen generators. Its nitrogen generators are available in both membrane and PSA technologies and are offered as low-investment entry models and high-end versions that both offer low total cost of ownership.

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08 November 2018

Atlas Copco Compressorsvisit website
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