Pickering launches 2A, two-pole PXI switch matrix

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switch matrix products with the introduction of a new addition to its BRIC range. The 40-566 is a 2A, two-pole switch matrix based on the award-winning BRIC architecture. The new module is available in a variety of two-pole matrix configurations ranging from 55x4 to 385x4. Each version supports 2A hot switching and voltages up to 250V AC.

The BRIC4 form factor occupies four slots of a PXI chassis and supports up to a165x4 two-pole matrix, while the BRIC8 supports up to a 385x4 two-pole matrix and occupies eight PXI slots. All versions use high-density DIN 41612 connectors.

An integrated backplane arrangement maximises the matrix BW and ensures users have a fully configured product with no need for terminal blocks that need time-consuming wiring.

Each 40-566 is supplied with VISA and IVI drivers and can be operated in any PXI chassis. BRIC4 models can be operated in a an LXI environment using Pickering's 60-100 chassis.

21 August 2007

Pickering Interfaces Ltdvisit website
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