Bosch BMI088 high-performance inertial measurement unit

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Bosch BMI088 high-performance inertial measurement unitMouser Electronics is now stocking the BMI088 high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) from Bosch Sensortec. Borrowing from Bosch’s proven automotive technology, the Bosch BMI088 delivers an very stable, low-noise 6-axis inertial sensor designed for industrial and harsh-environment drone and robotics applications.

The Bosch BMI088 IMU incorporates a 16-bit digital, triaxial accelerometer and a 16-bit digital, triaxial gyroscope to accurately measure orientation and detect motion along three orthogonal axes. The device offers acceleration ranges of +/-3 g to +/-24 g and gyroscopic slew rates up to +/-2000 degrees per second. The high performance and high speed of the BMI088 enable it to suppress vibrations, which can help ensure smoother navigation and avoid crashes in applications such as drones. The BMI088 provides vibration-quelling speed and 16-bit accuracy to enable ultra-low drift maximum bias drift of 2 degrees/hour.

With its vibration robustness and temperature stability even under sudden temperature fluctuations, the BMI088 enhances steering and navigation accuracy even in the most naturally high-vibration environments. The device is compatible with other Bosch sensors such as the BMI085 IMU to simplify integration into existing designs and comes factory calibrated and ready to use in a compact 3.0 × 4.5 × 0.95mm package.

For development, the BMI088 shuttle board enables designers to gain easy access to the sensor’s pins via a simple socket. And because all Bosch Sensortec sensor shuttle boards have identical footprints, they can interface with the company’s other advanced development tools for optimal flexibility.

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