New igus iglidur K230 material for clip and flanged bearings

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New igus iglidur K230 material for clip and flanged bearingsigus is introducing a new tribo-polymer developed specifically for clip and flanged bearings typically used in sheet metal feedthroughs. Here high edge loads are common and typical applications are usually in extreme environments. The wear-resistant iglidur K230 material meets all these requirements – it is highly elastic, chemical resistant and withstands moisture.

Clip and flanged bearings have proven themselves millions of times over the years, for example reducing friction and noise in car seats. Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus explains: “Sheet metal structures usually do not offer an option to press a plain bearing in a mounting hole or in a housing and fix it. Instead, clip and flange bearings effectively line the punched hole, which is usually quite rough, and thus guide the shaft safely. Fast assembly, manual and automated, as well as self-retention are further requirements.”

Extensive tests in the igus laboratory show that the iglidur K230 material fits seamlessly into the best iglidur standard materials in terms of wear resistance. The material is suitable for use in humid environments and has a very good universal media resistance for application temperatures of up to 130degC.

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