SOLIDscrew – a value 4 to 15kW screw compressor from BOGE

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SOLIDscrew – a value 4 to 15kW screw compressor from BOGEBOGE Compressors is launching SOLIDscrew, a new generation of oil-lubricated compressor aimed at automotive and light industrial operations requiring flow rates between 21 to 89 (cfm). SOLIDscrew is priced very competitively and, yet still offering BOGE’s ‘Made in Germany’ reliability, competitive servicing costs and UK stock availability with next day delivery.

With only one frame size, there are five models with motor ratings of 4, 5.5, 7.5, 11 and 15kW, all available in 8, 10 & 13 bar pressure options: B(standard compressor floor mounted), BR (standard compressor with 250L air receiver-complete with drain valve) and BDR – standard compressor with 250L air receiver – complete with drain valve) and refrigerated air dryer (complete with pre and after filters).

The compressors have many standard design features, including BOGE Airend made in Grossenhain, Germany, V-belt drive system with tensioning device, WEG IE3 Electric Motors, BOGE SOLIDcontrol microprocessor with an option to connect to a Master Controls System, combined oil/air aftercooler and sound enclosure hood. Service intervals, including an oil change, are every 2,000 hours with all parts required supplied in single standard service kit.

The compressor footprint measures 1240mm × 650mm and with noise levels between 67 & 70DBA they are suitable for installation within the workplace.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE says: “Customers tell us that a low capital purchase price, immediate availability and reliability are the most desirable factors for this size of compressor. Whereas, drivers such as total cost of ownership and extended warranty are not so important to them. We’ve been able to meet their needs with the SOLIDscrew compressor, offering value for money but still using BOGE’s proven technology and reliability.”

Stock of all compressors and service parts are available from BOGE’s UK warehouse in Huddersfield, with next day delivery available. Go to for more information about SOLIDscrew.

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