New Cannon Express Card connectors and cover sets

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New Cannon Express Card connectors and cover setsITT Electronic Components is introducing Cannon Express Card 26-pin edge card connectors and cover sets that meet the PCMCIA industry's demands for 34mm and 54mm wide modules. Stainless steel cover sets are quick and easy to assemble, and can either be snapped together or ultrasonically welded.

With a universal slot design with module formats measuring 5mm deep by just 75mm long, the connectors and cover sets enable both compact ExpressCard/34 and /54 cards to fit in the same aperture, saving component count. This robust design is RoHS compliant and is designed for up to 10,000 cover set mating cycles.

George Blazas, Product Marketing Manager, comments: "Our PCMCIA customers requested we support this new industry standard and we are pleased to accommodate their needs by launching our own line of Cannon Express Card products. These are now in production with short lead-times even for customised modifications."

The connectors have many applications in the IT industry, such as notebook computers, smart card readers, security ID and biometric devices, TV tuners and memory media adapters. Alongside the standard Express Card modules, specialist variations are available, such as extended rear modules, multiple connector offsets, subscriber identity cut-outs and decorative finishes.

24 April 2007

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