Smart gate drivers for 3-phase BLDC applications now at Mouser

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Smart gate drivers for 3-phase BLDC applications now at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the DRV835x three-phase smart gate drivers from Texas Instruments (TI). These highly integrated gate drivers are designed for three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications, including field-oriented control (FOC), sinusoidal current control, and trapezoidal current control.

TI’s DRV835x drivers use smart gate drive (SGD) architecture to decrease the number of external components that are typically necessary for MOSFET slew rate control and protection circuits. The SGD architecture also optimises dead time to prevent shoot-through conditions, provides flexibility in decreasing electromagnetic interference (EMI) by MOSFET slew rate control, and protects against gate short circuit conditions through VGS monitors. The drivers provide optional integrated current shunt amplifiers to support different motor control schemes and a buck regulator to power the gate driver or external controller. A strong gate pulldown circuit helps prevent unwanted dV/dt parasitic gate turn on events.

The DRV835x drivers are supported by the DRV8353Rx-EVM driver evaluation modules – 15A, three-phase BLDC drive stages based on either the DRV8353RH or DRV83583RS gate driver and TI CSD88599Q5DC NexFET power blocks. The evaluation modules feature individual DC bus and phase voltage sense as well as individual low-side current shunt amplifiers, making them suitable for sensorless BLDC algorithms.

Follow the link to learn more about the TI DRV835x three-phase smart gate drivers at Mouser.

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