Clean-by-design AISI 316 stainless steel 180-degree panel hinges

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FDB Panel Fittings is promoting its AISI 316 stainless steel 180 degree hinges, which provide secure rear-mounted installation along with an easy-clean dirt-resistant style. Their AISI 316 construction further ensures a high degree of resistance to weather, corrosion and chemicals.

The rugged design and construction of these 180 degree lift-off hinges means they can be used in the most diverse areas. Stainless steel washers between the joints ensure a high number of cycles and accordingly also enable a long service life. Hinges are fixed from the inside on 1.5 and 2mm door thicknesses, with M6 screws offering a level of vandal resistance and comes standard with a closed and sand blasted surface allowing for additional surface treatments by the consumer. Ref 7-206 hinges are a DIRAK product from FDB Panel Fittings.

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